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Past Life Regressionist, Author, and Spiritual Life Coach

Meet Regina!


Dr. Regina Rapelyea, Ph.D built her career as a genealogist, Past Life Regressionist, and Lives-Between-Lives Therapist in Fredericksburg, VA for the past 30 years. The soul's journey is all about healing mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. She helps clients surpass their states of limitations by exploring our past lives, past relationships, and behavior patterns through life counseling and spiritual coaching.


It's What I Do!

Dr. Rapelyea holds the highest certification in Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy from The Newton Institute (TNI) for the past 20 years. Her qualifications span from the late nineties when she earned her first certification from the  National Guild of Hypnotherapist & Hypnosis.


Her education deepened as her practice grew. She subsequently earned her M.Msc - Masters of Metaphysical Science and Ph.D. in Metaphysics. Furthermore, Dr. Rapelyea is certified by the Society of Spiritual Regression. She dedicated her career to transforming the lives of her clients for the past 30 years.

Start Your Journey

Start Your Journey

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Past Life Regression

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Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy


Spiritual Life Coaching

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Meeting Regina Rapelyea and interacting with her has been the catalyst to my understanding of Spirituality.  She has a gift that allows her to softly touch the surface of an individual’s consciousness, which in turn brings that individual to a crossroad.  That individual must then make a decision – Am I ready to move toward the light or am I going to remain in darkness?  Regina’s gift is so subtle and disarming.  She directs one toward the revelation of consciousness with a nudge; however, ultimately one completes the spiritual work on their own. She is Amazing!!” - M.Miller, Spiritual life coaching/Mentoring

M. Miller

Spiritual Life Coaching and Mentoring

Learn My Journey Within.

Embrace the story within and become your own your storyteller.

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Let’s Talk.

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